My Very First Scopus Q1 Article: “Canva-Based E-portfolio in L2 Writing Instructions: Investigating The Effects and Students’ Attitudes”

I have always been passionate about finding new ways to help my students improve their language skills. However, I notice that many Vietnamese high school students are struggling with writing, and they don’t have enough practice time in class. They only have one writing lesson per unit, 45 minutes each. I feel that they need more opportunities to practice writing at home, and that’s why I and my team started to think about the potential of using e-portfolios.

Our research article, titled “Canva-based E-portfolio in L2 Writing Instructions: Investigating the Effects and Students’ Attitudes”, has been recently published in the CALL-EJ journal, indexed by Scopus (Q1) in early 2023. The paper explores the potential benefits of using Canva-based e-portfolios in L2 writing instructions. It includes a review of relevant literature on L2 writing instructions and e-portfolio application in language education, and it presents our findings on the effects of Canva-based e-portfolios on students’ writing performance and attitudes.

Writing this paper was a challenging but rewarding experience. It required a lot of dedication and effort, but I am proud of what we have achieved. I am grateful for the guidance and support of my supervisor, Mr. Anh Le, who provided us with invaluable advice and feedback throughout the research process. I would also like to express my appreciation for the hard work and assiduity of my teammate, Ms. Nha Nguyen, who greatly contributed to the success of this project.

If you’re curious about innovative ways to potentially enhance your students’ writing skills, you may find our study on Canva-based e-portfolios in L2 writing instructions an interesting read. Through our research findings and insights, you can explore how this tool could potentially transform the way your students learn and engage with the writing process. Take a chance and dive into this exciting avenue for language education by reading our article!

Click to access our article

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