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Key Takeaways From “Applying Learning Theories and Instructional Design Models for Effective Instruction” (Khalil & Elkhider, 2016)

… faculty members teaching higher education subject matters usually lack a profound understanding of designing and delivering instructions scientifically and efficiently. Therefore, the article is written with two main objectives, (1) to examine learning and instructional design theoretically and (2) to suggest a practical framework based on the theoretical evidence

Decoding Myths About TBLT: Views of a Leading Theorist

Hopefully, this sharing blog can better understand TBLT and, specifically, input-based tasks. What I can gain from the talk is not that TBLT is an optimal teaching practice and can outdo all other approaches but that TBLT is more applicable than I used to think.

A Glance at the Government of the UK and the US

The stories of powers in the United Kingdom and the United States of America are always fascinating to scholars of all time. The governments of these two giant nations share many resemblances as well as differences.

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