Corpora Helped Me With Some Language Problems That Dictionaries Cannot

Two weeks ago, in one of my student’s writings, he wrote: “…global warming effects which causes dramatic damages to people at scale.” Putting the grammatical problem with “causes” aside, I was particularly into the phrase “at scale”. “Where on earth has he learned this awkward phrase?”, I wondered. As usual, I went for dictionaries toContinue reading “Corpora Helped Me With Some Language Problems That Dictionaries Cannot”

Experiencing a Creative Block for Halloween-Themed EFL Lessons? Come Here!

Halloween is approaching, and in EFL classrooms, it has long been recognized as an essential occasion to introduce some cultural elements of English-speaking countries to learners. Teachers are always creative in designing their lesson plans and setting the atmosphere in the classroom. Throughout my learning experience, I have got great opportunities to join various HalloweenContinue reading Experiencing a Creative Block for Halloween-Themed EFL Lessons? Come Here!

Reflections on Designing Input-Based Tasks: Important Concerns

In a previous post, I introduced the concept of input-based tasks in explaining some myths about task-based language teaching (TBLT). This blog will continue with some notes on designing an input-based task that Professor Rod Ellis brought into discussion in our talk. Following the principles and concerns, I will also include an example with illustrations.Continue reading “Reflections on Designing Input-Based Tasks: Important Concerns”

Key Takeaways From “Applying Learning Theories and Instructional Design Models for Effective Instruction” (Khalil & Elkhider, 2016)

… faculty members teaching higher education subject matters usually lack a profound understanding of designing and delivering instructions scientifically and efficiently. Therefore, the article is written with two main objectives, (1) to examine learning and instructional design theoretically and (2) to suggest a practical framework based on the theoretical evidence

A quick review with personal account on learning motivation and suggestions for EFL teachers

A reflection on my learning experience has suggested that motivation should come first at the beginning of the learning journey to help learners actively participate in the learning process. Motivation can be derived from materialistic awards initially, and teachers should make the most of these to activate students’ interest and sustain it for the entire learning journey.

A review of how humour can be exploited in foreign language classrooms

Sadly, some teachers have been traditionally distant from students in the Vietnamese public schools where I studied. In many cases, telling jokes and uttering laughter are not considered polite enough as a teacher.

Hướng dẫn tạo tài khoản miễn phí cho giáo viên trên

Điểm cộng lớn nhất của trang web này là học sinh sẽ có thể làm bài ngay trên trang mà không cần phải tải thêm bất cứ ứng dụng nào, hay phải in tài liệu ra giấy làm rồi chụp hình gửi cho giáo viên. Trước tình hình hiện tại, mình thấy đây là công cụ khá hữu ích cho giáo viên tạo và giao bài tập cho học sinh.

Một ý tưởng sử dụng khi không có sách giáo khoa

Với ý tưởng này, tài liệu được soạn trên đây có thể đóng vai trò như bài tập về nhà có sẵn những ghi chú bổ sung về kiến thức để học sinh ôn tập, hoặc như học liệu điện tử của một lớp học đảo ngược, được gửi cho học sinh trước khi đến lớp để học sinh tìm hiểu và chuẩn bị bài.